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How it works

Working agreements and costs


A working agreement is an agreement that cover show and when I will work with you. Working agreements can be short-term or long-term. They are tailored to your individual needs. 

Sessions are scheduled for a set time, day and place that is especially reserved for you. Meeting weekly is important because it provides a sense of continuity and a safe place to explore and contain your process. I do offer fortnightly sessions, but this will make the work longer. 


If you work different shift patterns, I can offer ad-hoc sessions (to get the day/time you want, please book as far in advance as possible). 


Individual counselling and therapy 


  • Individual sessions last 50 minutes

  • Online sessions:  £70

  • In-person sessions: £75


Couples counselling and therapy

  • 60 mins: £100

  • 75 mins: £120

  • 90 mins: £140


Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly


Relationship counselling and therapy (Polyamory) 

  • 90mins: £150


If there are more than three people in the relationship, please contact me to discuss. 


Starting the process – initial meeting and consultation


Before you book a session, I offer an initial consultation on zoom or on the phone. The consultation is up to 30 minutes and it gives you a chance to ask questions about how I work. 


First sessions give us a chance to meet one another and decide if we can work together. In these sessions, I am interested in learning about you, what has brought you to counselling, what you would like to gain from therapy, and any hopes or worries you may have about your past, present or future. I'd like to know a bit about your family history and your present situation, and you are free to ask me questions about the way I work. By the end of this session, we should be able to decide together the best way forward.


  • If you decide to book a first session with me, I will email you a copy of my working agreement

  • If you have any questions, we can discuss this in the first session

  • If we are meeting remotely, I will email you a zoom invitation at the beginning of the week

  • If we are meeting in person, I will text you my office address and I will meet you in reception at the time of our session




All sessions are confidential, and you are protected as a client through the Data Protection Act, and according to the ethical guidelines outlined by the BACP. All your data will be held securely in an encrypted device, I am registered with the ICO. 

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