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Sartu Sabrina

My official title is Integrative Relational Counsellor & Psychotherapist. Let’s break that down a little:


My training was integrative – I studied a range of approaches, including CBT, psychodynamic, attachment theory, solutions-focused, humanistic, trauma-informed and others.

More about me

Relational means I am interested in how you relate to me, or those around you. Working relationally means that we will get to know each other and build trust before we start exploring more personal difficulties. I know it can be difficult to fully open up to a stranger – so I will always encourage my clients to ask questions or to tell me if I have misinterpreted what they have said.


Yes, therapy is about you, it is your time to be listened to and heard. But you won’t be speaking to a ‘blank screen’. There will be a humane dialogue between us. Therapy isn’t depressing – there will be times when you are sad, angry, tearful or laughing. Know that I am here to support you. 


My clients say that I am genuine, straightforward, kind and challenging when I need to be. I am curious about what makes you – you!


My qualifications and experience

  • Advance Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling, accredited by both the BACP and UKCP

  • Additionally, I will complete my MA by 2024

  • I have worked within the NHS and other mental health services that specialise in anxiety & depression, suicide prevention, bereavement, chronic health conditions, disability & neurodivergence


My practice is inclusive

I will always try to provide physical and technology accessibility and I am culturally and religiously sensitive. I welcome anyone over the age of eighteen, from any community, especially those that may feel marginalised by their family, local community or society in general. My office is on the second floor and is wheelchair accessible. Guide dogs are welcome.


Tel: 07496424104

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