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What to expect

In therapy, I focus on what’s going on in your life presently – with partner, friends, family, work and so on. It’s an opportunity for you to tell me what you would like to work on. When you come to sessions, you decide what you want to speak about – anything that is on your mind. You may find setting some goals helpful. Alternatively, you can tell me what you imagine your life could be like after our work together. 


There is a ‘creative framework’ to my work. This means that I will use different methods to work with you. Everyone is different. For example, some like the rigidity of structure and others try to avoid it.  In fact many my clients often exhibit both – sometimes feeling trapped and other times needing structure. Why is this? Often it’s because they may have trauma. 


What is trauma?

Trauma is an umbrella term for an incident has occurred in our life. But we can also have trauma when an incident has not happened – when we feel under threat, that something may happen to us. Our memories aren’t just stored as visual images. They can also be bodily sensations which can be triggered in our adult lives. You, or those close to you, may have noticed that sometimes your reactions are disproportionate. You may find yourself lashing out or withdrawing away from those that are close to you. You may feel that everything is too much. This is a trauma response. 


My job is to help you organise and unpack your thoughts. Sometimes I may ask for clarification or make a suggestion, I do this to widen your perspective. I don’t give advice or direct you into a certain way of thinking, instead I will be alongside as you make the decisions about your life. 


Sometimes I may ask questions about your childhood, parents and general family history – this is because the past can influence our present life. Additionally, I will ask about your future goals and aspirations because these thoughts can affect how we are in our present lives. 


I want you to know, you are not alone. I will be beside you as we navigate what has brought you to this point. We will work together to help you, move forward from here.

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